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River pebbles sand making

Material:River pebbles

Equipments:Cone crusher, sand making machine

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> Case Introduction

The river pebbles resource in China is abundant, the main chemical composition of gravel is silicon dioxide, secondly it is composed by small amount of iron oxide and trace elements such as manganese, copper, aluminum, magnesium and compound, it has natural stone features of hard quality, compression, wear-resistance and anticorrosion, it is an ideal material for building application. Currently gravel sand making production lines are continually built all over the country, which guarantee the supply of quality aggregate for national construction projects.0-40mm crushed stone (pebble) is used as raw material for gravel production line, vertical shaft impact crusher (sand making machine) is adopted by the production line, this crusher is a new type sand making machine of Sanme, which has the features of high crushing efficiency(offering fine crushing and coarse grinding), simple structure, easy maintenance, low operation cost and excellent particle size(cubic shape, low content of needle-like particles).

River pebbles resource in our country is abundant, and varies from place to place. Wear resistance is firstly considered when selecting equipments. The stone with big grain will be crushed with reference to the crushing of granite and basalt; the stone with small grain will be screened in advance to reduce the production cost; Taking the river pebbles with grain less than 200mm as an example, the material will be transported by feeder and belt conveyor from hopper to 1# vibrating screen for pre-screening, the material with grain larger than 40mm will be conveyed into cone crusher for crushing, the material with grain of 5-40mm will be conveyed into vertical shaft impact crusher for crushing, the material with grain of 0-5mm will be washed by sand washer and will be discharged as final product. The product after being crushed by cone crusher will be conveyed to 2# vibrating screen, the material larger than 40mm will be conveyed to cone crusher for crushing again, to achieve a closed circuit, the material less than 40mm will be conveyed to vertical shaft impact crusher for crushing, the material after being crushed by vertical shaft impact crusher will be conveyed to 3# vibrating screen for screening, the material larger than 20mm will be conveyed back to vertical shaft impact crusher for crushing, to achieve a closed circuit.