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Features of Haiwang Hydrocyclone

l Serialization, large-scale, specifications, FX10 - FX840 (mm), cut size: 2 microns - 350 microns. l Various wear-resisting material: High alumina ceramic, rubber, polyurethane, ceramic composite materials. We can produce suitable hydrocyclone according to client’s demand or working condition. l Personalized structure design: We own multifarious patent structure and advanced technology at abroad and domestic. For example, according to the feeding method, feed structure could be divided into the involute feeding, the volute pre-classifying feeding, spiral feeding etc. According to conical structure, it could be divided into flat bottom structure, multi-cone structure, the cone angle gradient structure, etc. According to the overflow way, it could be divided into the air conditioning and energy saving overflow cap, thick wall overflow pipe and other design.