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How to Fundamentally Improve Production Capacity of Jaw Crusher?

The rapid economic development makes jaw crusher get wider and wider application in various industries, and many manufacturers and customers will concern the improvement of production capacity of jaw crusher when using this crushing equipment. Through scientific analysis, the experts of Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. get the fundamental means of improving the production capacity of jaw crusher machine. First we should learn something about the concept of production capacity of a crushing machine. The production capacity of crushers refers to number of cubic meters of materials that the crusher can process in one hour. After analyzing the computational formula of production capacity, we know that the length of feeding mouth and width of discharging mouth are constant, for this reason, the production capacity of a crusher plant is related to the horizontal throw of discharging mouth, every nip angle of crushing chamber and the rotating speed of mainshaft. The improvement of production capacity of jaw breaker should start the following three aspects:

(1) Properly increasing the horizontal throw of discharging mouth is the key.

When it is increased, the production capacity will increase. However, if it is too large, the materials in the discharging layer will be compressed, and the product granularity will become uneven. The upper horizontal throw of movable jaw has no direct influence on the production capacity, for this reason as large materials at the feeding mouth cannot be fully crushed in the returning process of movable jaw, for this reason, proper upper horizontal throw has important effect on improvement of production capacity of jaw crushing machine.

(2) Reduce the nip angle.

Crushing chamber is the working area of realizing material crushing and its shape, parameters and working pattern will all influence the strength of crushers on mineral materials and the crushing environment of crushers. The nip angle of movable jaw and fixed jaw is inversely proportional to the height and production capacity of crushing chamber, which means reducing the nip angle can improve the production capacity.

3) Rotating speed of eccentric shaft is another factor.

When eccentric shaft rotates a round, movable jaw will swing one time, and the rotating speed of eccentric shaft in one minute is the pendulum times of movable jaw in one minute. The rotating speed is in direct proportion to the production capacity to some degree. As is known, rotating speed of eccentric shaft is a main factor influencing the economic rotation of the crusher machine and it should be lower than 430r/min.