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Filter Press


Petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, food, beverage, pharmaceutical.

Cubage of filter


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Product Introduction

Belt filter press series has the following features: compact structure, innovative design, easy to maintain and operate, large capacity, low water ratio of filter cake, good effect.

> Advantages

1. Short working cycle and high efficiency: high pressure squeezing, can greatly reduce the water content in cake in a short time,
2. Low operation cost: wholly Automatic program-controlled. This membrane filter press can be working unattended, and saving the operation cost.
3. Simple operation: Adopt upper washing device, with few actions and synchronous with auto plate shifting machine. The washing cycles can be set according to requirements (can be regulated on site)
4. Low power consumption: the diaphragm squeezing function, in a very short time to complete this process, save the power consumption.
5. Widely application: corrosion resistance is strong; basic applies to all solid-liquid separation projects
6. High pressure squeezing: the TPE elastomer makes the filter plate with good quality and can achieve maximum pressure filter 25 MPA, so that the moisture content is reduced greatly, save drying cost and improve the yield.
7 Automatic drip trays: drip tray also can be added according to customer’s needs and auto open & close can be controlled by PLC system