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Linear Screen

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> Operational principle

Linear Screen is set at a certain number of tracks arranged a number of root shaped sieve parallel shaft, with a constant rotation, forming a roll of "banana" shape of the screen surface, when the material flow on this screen surface, can be formed equal thick and has a certain acceleration stream, bulk materials in the rotating sieve effect gradually moves forward into the crushing equipment, small pieces of material through the sieve into the conveyor belt, thereby completing the sieving.

> Structure Features

Screen surface material is evenly, and equal thick, high screening efficiency.
Single-axis drive, strong power, can single axis overhaul and won’t affect the operation.
Each sieve shaft are arranged cleaning device evenly, not easy to block sieve.
Low noise, small vibration, good sealing performance.
PLC procedure control, sieve shaft can start up on load orderly.
Enables centralized control, also may be operated on site.