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Multi-layer Fine Screen

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> Operational principle

Haiwang ZKJ-D Multi-layer high frequency vibrating screen is wet fine material screening equipment developed by Haiwang Minerals Equipment introducing foreign advanced technology. The advanced multi-layer design can realize five-way feeding in parallel connection maximumly with small occupation area and large capacity..

> Structure Features

When Multi-layer high frequency vibrating screens works, the two motor reversely placed synchronously generate reverse force, which forces the screen body do the vertical motion. The force exert by the two electrical vibrators go through the barycenter of the screen frame, therefore every point on the screen frame has same excitation force. Slurry is fed from top or bottom in the ore sorting machine, and be divided into several parts on average, then slurry through the mine hose get into many ore sorting machines separately. The ore sorting machine will sprinkle the slurry on top of the screen uniformly. Due to continuous small amplitude and high frequency vibration, materials on the gradient surface of the screen will jump continuously to make themselves disperse. Fine materials will through the screen become screen undersize. Oversized materials will jump forward continuously on the gradient surface of the screen, finally jump out of screen become screen oversize.

> Advantage

a. Imported vibrating motor, single screen power 1.8km, multi-layer 3.6kw only;
b. Imported flexible polyurethane anti-blocking screen cloth which has high rate of opening to 35%-45%;
c. High screening efficiency to 80%-90%;
d. Long life of screen cloth, 6-12 months;
e. Screen mesh does not block.