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Hydrocyclone separator


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> Product Description

Spiral separators of the wet type, also called Spiral Chute, are devices to separate solid components in a slurry, based upon a combination of the solid particle density as well as the particle's hydrodynamic properties (e.g. drag). The Spiral Chute consists of a tower, around which is wound a sluice, from which slots or channels are placed in the base of the sluice to extract solid particles that have come out of suspension.

Working priciple

As larger and heavier particles sink to the bottom of the sluice faster and experience more drag from the bottom, they travel slower, and so move towards the center of the Spiral Chute. Conversely, light particles stay towards the outside of the spiral, with the water, and quickly reach the bottom. At the bottom, a "cut" is made with a set of adjustable bars, channels, or slots, separating the low and high density parts.

> Application

For 2mm~0.10mm coarse coal slime separation.
Fiberglass with polyurethane lining.
Stable, easy control, high recovery, simple design, power free.
Limited space, easy assembly and operation.