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Cubage of filter


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Product Introduction

This machine is a single-deck high-performance thickener used in the process of wet concentrate dehydration, usually is used in the first phase of the process----dehydration, usually can get concentration with water content 30-60%, the equipment usually is located between the concentration and filtering devices, sometimes can also be used as dehydration unit. Equipped with deaerating tank to prevent solid particles from adhering to the bubbles, and to subside like "parachute '. The feed tube is located below the liquid surface to avoid air blending with the pulp, and jagged overflow weir reducing the chance of uneven suction phenomenon.

> Advantages

1.Deaeration cell is provided to prevent solid particles from attaching to bubbles so that solid particles can fall like a parachute.
2.The mineral-feeding pipe is lower than the pulp surface; it prevents the air to be brought in while feeding
3.The feeding sleeve is moved to a lower position and receiving plate is equipped. Therefore, the fed slurry fall evenly and steadily, preventing rolling phenomena because of the residual pressure from feeding
4.Inner overflow weir is equipped to make the pulp flow on pre-designed route, avoiding short circuit, enlarging the sedimental area
5.Inner overflow weir is made into indented shape, eliminating part suction phenomena induced by unleveled overflow weir.
6.The peg linear is changed from oblique lines to curves. So the discharging underflow has higher density, and treatment capacity is enhanced.